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Looking for wire jewelry tutorials to help you expand your skill set and/or learn a new technique?  You've come to the right place!  Delia Stone offers online jewelry lessons available by instant download.  Please bookmark this page and check back.  I am working hard to produce several new tutorials to share, including some free jewelry tutorials, that will be made available over the next several weeks.


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Basket Weave Bezel


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Sculpted Coil Pendant


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Mosaic Earrings

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 Basket Weave Bracelet

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Jewelry Making Lessons by Delia Stone

Newly Released Tutorials

 June 23rd, 2010

Looped Chain Earrings



 May 30th, 2010

Green Corn Pendant



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Needle Lace Combination - Two Tutorials in one!Only $12

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Seven Tutorial Student Package

This awesome Tutorial Package from Delia Stone offers SEVEN of DELIA’S TUTORIALS for one awesome price!  Available for a limited time!


Included in the package is the Twist Ring, Needle-lace Caged Pendant, Netted Bezel Pendant, Egyptian Coil Bracelet, Mosaic Eye Earrings, Wire Wrapped Toggle and the Hand Coiling Tutorial.  Individually, these tutorials would cost you $40 but you can get them in this package deal for only $24.99  See my other tutorials for individual tutorial details.


Tutorials are heavily illustrated with photos and detailed descriptions every step of the way.  Nothing is left to the imagination!


While higher level skills are taught in addition to beginner level skills BEGINNERS SHOULD NOT SHY AWAY!  A beginning wire worker is rewarded with an education on developing intermediate to advanced level skills.  Approach these tutorials as a course in taking your skills to the next level!  Should you encounter difficulty along the way you are not left on your own.  You will have direct access to your instructor, Delia Stone – one on one personalized assistance is guaranteed!


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This lesson shows how to create a pendant using my Green Corn stitch. The lesson begins with a simple two row stitch perfect for semi flat objects with a slight graduation in size. This lesson also covers more advanced variations of this stitch and problem solving such as what to do in the event that you run out of wire before completing your project. You will learn how to adapt this simple two row stitch to have four or more rows as well.

Price: $12.00



Material List:
3' of 26 gauge dead soft sterling silver round wire
1 tooth/claw/other object I am using a wolfs tooth that is approx 40mm x 15mm

Tool List:
Wire clippers
Round nose pliers









Other examples of the Green Corn Stitch.  This is the perfect setting for male jewelry.  It combines well with primitive items such as teeth, claws, rugged coral/stones.  The look of this technique changes depending on the gauge of wire you use as well as the number of corn rows you choose.  The basic form of this technique is the two row stitch, as shown on the claw and the white crescent shaped tooth.   The multi row pendants, such as the one on the ivory colored tooth shaped coral, is the more advanced form of this technique.  In this tutorial I show the execution of both the two row and the multi row pendants.

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Needle Lace Bezel Pendant

            This tutorial will teach you how to adapt the classic lace making technique known as ‘needle lace’ to create a netted bezel on any cabochon or stone of reasonable size.  It is best to use a large stone or cabochon for your first attempt as it is easier to work with and save projects with smaller stones until you have gained a little practice with this technique.


Materials needed:

8’ of dead soft round wire in your choice of metal

1 stone or cabochon measuring approximately 35mm by 27mm

10” of 20 gauge round half hard wire.

2  3mm swarovskis or accent beads of your choice



Needle nose pliers

Round nose pliers

Flush cutters

# 10 1.30 knitting needle or other small object to be used as a mandrel to size your loops.



Needle Lace Caged Pendant Tutorial

This tutorial takes a timeless lace making technique called ‘needle lace’ and applies it to wire working to create a delicate and highly detailed pendant. I have taught this lesson to a beginner wire worker with very good results. Based on this experience I assume that a beginner can complete this tutorial even though I rate it as an intermediate to advanced project.

Tips on stone selection: For this tutorial you will need a stone or bead that the wrap can grab onto. To this end it is best to a stone that begins smaller, widens out and then tapers back in. A free form faceted stone such as the in main picture above, or a briolette shaped bead as shown below are perfect for this type of wrap.

Materials needed:

1 – Stone or large focal bead. In this tutorial I use a 24mm x 30mm x 6mm briolette.

5’ – 26 gauge round dead soft wire

2 - 3 mm jump rings 15” – sterling silver chain optional

1 – clasp of your choice to finish the necklace 1 – 4 mm swarovski crystal

1- 4mm bi-cone swarovski crystal in complimentary color

Tools needed:

Flush cutters

#10 1.30 mm knitting needle or other such item to use as a mandrel (optional).




Needle Lace Combo

Buy both needle lace tutorials and get them for only $12.  That's like buying one and getting one half off! 

     Begin your adventure with the Needle Lace Caged Pendant tutorial and get valuable practice at making consistently sized loops.  You'll get a feel for circular work with the wire in this technique which will help you to refine the technique before moving on to the more challenging netted bezel.

See Individual Tutorials for details.

Caged Needle Lace Pendant

Needle Lace Netted Bezel Pendant

Only $12

Mosaic Eye Earring Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you how to create this lovely pair of mosaic earrings. In this tutorial you will learn how to create coils without the use of tools, how to form a tear drop shaped frame and how to stitch beads to this frame to create a delicate mosaic look. This technique can also be applied to larger projects such as a pendant.

You will need the following materials for this project;
2 - 4x10mm marquis briolettes
18 - 3mm swarovski bicones
7' - 26 gauge dead soft round wire
1' - 20 gauge dead soft round wire

Tools required for project;
Round nose pliers
Needle nose pliers
Flat nose pliers

Twist Ring Tutorial

     This tutorial will teach you how to make a simple twist ring.  Once you learn the basic technique to this ring style, you can apply variations to make unique earrings, bracelets and interesting accents in your pieces. 

    Simple and straight forward, this tutorial has a total of 18 pictures with easy step by step instructions.  These rings are so simple to make that with just a little practice you can make them in 5 to 10 minutes each.  I sell them at my shows for bread and butter money and they are very popular.  I make copper rings, silver rings and the most popular mixed metal ring is made with two wires, one copper and one silver and they are combined for contrast. You can also wrap the single wire more than one time around the mandrel before beginning your twist to make for a more substantial ring band.


Egyptian Coil Bracelet

Now Available!

 Cost: $7

     The Egyptian Coil technique is as ancient as the pyramids.   During the excavation of an Egyptian tomb, a royal mummy was discovered with a necklace created with this technique.  It is as timeless as the pyramids and is still in use today in modern handcrafted jewelry.


     This tutorial will teach you one of handcrafted jewelrys most timeless techniques.  The ancient Egyptian coil bracelet.  A necklace in this technique was discovered during an excavation in Egypt on a royal mummy. While it has a complex look this bracelet is really fairly simple to construct.  Add a framed bead clasp to update the look a little and you have this smashing bracelet!


In this tutorial you will learn to make an Egyptian coil bracelet as well as the attractive framed bead clasp shown in the picture.  Please note that the technique for the bead embellishments on the coil is not included in this tutorial.


Materials Needed:

9’ - 18 gauge dead soft round copper wire

1  - 22 mm round bead with a hole in it large enough to accommodate 18 gauge wire

4  - 4 mm swarovski bicone beads to compliment main bead

1’ – 26 gauge copper wire

1 –  4 mm jump ring

1 – 6 mm jump ring

Fine Point permanent black marker pen.


Tools Needed:

Needle Nose Pliers

Flat Nose Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Flush Cutters



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Wire Wrapped Toggle Tutorial

Available Now!

Cost: $5.00

     Now you can make your own toggle clasps to coordinate with your handcrafted jewelry with this simple tutorial.  These little beauties add impressive detail to any piece giving it a truly distinctive look.  If you’ve ordered toggle clasps in the past, you know that they can cost several dollars each.  Gold-fill toggle clasps are not only difficult to find, but they are especially pricey!  With this tutorial you can make custom toggles to suit your project for literally a few cents each by utilizing scrap wire lying around on your bench.  Impress your customers with your attention to detail!

Materials Needed:

1’ -  22 gauge dead soft sterling silver wire. 

6” - 20 gauge wire to use as mandrel for coil.

6” - 22 gauge dead soft sterling silver wire.

3” - 22 gauge dead soft sterling silver wire.

6” - 26 gauge dead soft sterling silver wire.

1 - 4mm bicone swarovski crystal ( or 4mm bead of your choice)

6 - 2mm sterling beads

4 - 4mm daisy spacers


Tools Needed:

Round nose pliers

Flat nose pliers

Flush cutters

Small bezel mandrel (optional)


Tutorials are delivered immediately upon making payment via PDF file format.




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FREE Hand Coiling Tutorial

This is a   courtesy   tutorial on the very basics of hand coiling.   This tutorial focuses on creating coils without the use of special tools.   You will need two gauges of wire to work with.   In this example   20 and   18 gauge wire are used to create the coils but most any gauge of wire can be used.


Guest Artist Tutorial: Linda Chandler's Basket Weave Bracelet

Cost: $19.99

Guest Artist Linda Chandler's Basket Weave Bracelet Tutorial was a labor of love.  Included with this tutorial are several variations plus instructions on how to create your own original designs.  This textile weave bracelet tutoiral is 39 pages with 120 color photographs to help guide you through the lesson every step of the way.  Available by instant download!

Buy it now by clicking here! $19.99

FREE Tutorials

Oxidizing Silver with Eggs:  A simple text only tutorial that takes you through the process if using a simple egg to oxidize your silver jewelry.  All natural oxidization without the chemicals.  Click the tutorial title to go there!

Oxidizing Metals with Eggs: Free Text Only Tutorial

If you want to oxidize a piece of jewelry you've just made, but do not have Liver of Sulphur on hand, you can do it with an egg. Just hard boil the egg, and when it's still steaming hot, peel it, cut it in half and seal it in a tupperware container along with the piece of jewelry you wish to oxidize. It takes considerably longer to oxidize using this method, so I recommend that you use a see through container if possible so that you can gauge the progress and remove it when it's blackened to your liking. It will begin to change the silver in about 10 minutes time, but if you want a darker effect, then you might wish to leave it in the container for several hours.

So how does this trick work? Believe it or not, the boiled egg releases a sulphur gas as it steams (which is why it's important to seal it when it's hot) which is then contained around your piece of jewelry in the container and it blackens the metal just as LOS does. The process takes longer, but the end result is just as good. This is also a more friendly method to use when you are dealing with softer, more porous stones ... though I don't recommend prolonged exposure even still.

Of course, when you're done, you will polish the piece using your preferred method, be it tumbling, a polishing cloth, steel wool, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line. And if you're new to the concept of oxidization all together, you can view two photos which show a bracelet before it's been oxidized, and after it's was oxidized and polished. You will see how it brings out the detail of the wire work in a most fabulous way! It's the perfect finishing touch for the right piece.

To view the difference that oxidization can make, click on the following link to go to my webshots:

Now, for an article on more advanced techniques working with Liver of Sulphur, check out the following link: .   You will find recipes for specific color effects, including rainbow patinas.  They also discuss using a resist with LOS as well as how to remove the effects of LOS when it hasn't quite turned out the way you planned.  It's a very valuable article!

I hope this tip proves useful to some of my fellow designers out there. ;)

Delia Stone

Note on Tutorial Purchases

Because tutorials are set up to be delivered by instant download in PDF format, you must purchase them one at a time.  They cannot and do not get added as a cart item to your shopping cart.  They must be purchased seperate from jewelry items.

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